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Self-Care Sunday: A Simple Guide to the Perfect At-Home Spa Day

Self-Care Sunday: A Simple Guide to the Perfect At-Home Spa Day

Self-care, in all its forms, is so important. There’s nothing wrong with prioritising yourself and taking “me time’. Enjoying relaxing activities that help to ease both your body and mind is a rewarding habit to implement into your weekly routine this new year.  

Treating yourself to a pamper session  on a Sunday (or any day) can help you feel refreshed and ready to boss the week ahead. Here’s our guide to the ultimate at home spa day 💕


Set the mood

Whether you’re pampering in your bedroom, dressing room or at your vanity station, it’s important to be in a relaxing environment. Have a quick tidy (tidy space = tidy mind), then illuminate your space with warm light from your hollywood mirror, ring light or mood lamp.

Use your favourite scented candles 🕯️, essential oils or incense to create a calming spa ambience then play your favourite playlist or podcast.  


Treat yourself

We’ve created a list of just a few of the many relaxing activities you can indulge in - pick as many as you’d like. DM us on Instagram @glamourmirrorsuk if you enjoy any other treatments or have an at home spa tip; we’d love to hear and share your recommendations! ✨



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